Join the Team

Since we are a growing team with a lot of different interesting topics to work on, we are always looking for new motivated team members who are willing to join us – not just for the credits but for the experience. We are at the very beginning of this journey so if you have any idea of how you can contribute you are welcome. There are tasks in the fields of Mechanics, Electronics, Media, Financial that are all equally important to us - we can only achieve great things when working together as one interdisciplinary team.

This team is perfect for you if you are reliable, open for agile working environments and willing to work hands-on in one of the mentioned fields. One thing is for sure. All these experiences and extra hours can give you a huge heads up when applying for internships and jobs later on in your life! We are looking forward to your application to join us. Feel free to get in touch right here, write us on Social Media or come by at one of our events and talk to us directly!