What is Formula
Student Germany

The international competition called Formula Student first came up in the year 1981. Its aim is to enable students from universities all over the world to develop and manufacture their own race car concept in one of the categories combustion, electric and/or driverless. Right now, over 800 teams compete in one or all of these categories with their own developed cars. In order to ensure a high safety standard for the vehicles, an updated version of a regulations is published every year which the teams must follow in their implementations. Since 2010, the electric category is available in the list of contests, followed by the driverless category in 2016. A competition like Formula Students Germany, which takes place in Hockenheim every year, is clustered into eight events. Each of these has a maximum of points a team can get from one event and all these points add up to the final score. These events can be classified into three static and five dynamic ones.